Virtual Assistance is a team of business- and tech-savvy workers in the Philippines.

Virtual Assistance

Building trust and confidence is the most challenging part in engaging in online transactions. The higher the demand of looking for a virtual assistant, the more difficult it is to pick someone who truly gives high quality services. Let Top Work Ph help you!

Do not waste time by randomly hiring people who sent their applications with so-good-to-be-true resume as a virtual assistant. It would be safer for you to get help from a team of online workers who could recommend someone who has been a VA for a long time.

As we take pride of the other online services we offer, we can also assure you that the virtual assistant you can pick from our company is someone who can bring your business to the next level. It would be someone who can work almost round the clock to keep your business rolling.

What Virtual Assistant Services Can You Expect?

A high sense of accountability is what our virtual assistants have. They understand the big responsibility handed to them, so they make themselves accountable for almost everything.

They are also flexible enough to prioritize your transactions, so your business can attain its goals and objectives. With their various experiences with previous employers, they have gathered enough knowledge on how to handle things and help the business growing.

As what was mentioned, our VAs had been already in the business for a long time. Therefore, you can already expect them to be experts in their field.

Depending on our arrangement, we can rate you per hour, or per project basis. It depends on your proposal and we give recommendations. Therefore, you need to send us your business objectives and specific roles of VAs to be accomplished. With that, we can arrange a contract, if you would allow it, for a long-term agreement of an assured high quality service. However, we are also giving you the option not to sign a contract with us, in any case that you are still trying out the efficiency of our services. It gives you more freedom to enjoy a risk-free business with us have the best virtual assistants that you can use for:

  • Admin Tasks
  • Data Entry Tasks
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Executive Virtual Assistance
  • Marketing Virtual Assistance

Talk to us for more information. With us, you have found already your real online business partners. Stop wasting your time and start assigning our tasks. Contact us now!